Promex Consultants PTE Ltd is an Engineering Consultancy, which is 100% Fijian-owned and was founded in 2016. We are committed to the development of Fiji and other Pacific island nations through engineering excellence by providing design, construction and supervision works. Our company is formed by highly qualified individual professionals with extensive experience who are passionate about the study of arts and sciences related to engineering and construction parties. Promex PTE Ltd is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists working across every aspect of today’s-built environment. We seek to provide a variety of advisory services to clients in need of design, construction and engineering knowledge and are dedicated to building and developing the capacity of the Construction Industry and enhancing our capabilities through Infrastructure and Asset Management.

Everyone that works here has a desire to see Fiji grow and develop. We hire talented people and partner with the bigger companies to continually bring expertise and the latest industry standards to our office. We always strive to put the right people with the right skills on the right projects.

We work directly with our clients and we have a full team of support staff that have worked for us over the years. At Promex, we strive to take care and develop our staff, just as we take care of our clients.

The principles that govern our ethical code are social responsibility, integrity and professional independence, personal dignity, reliability, loyalty and diligence.

Our Mission

To cooperate the necessary skills into civil engineering areas to successfully undertake engineering designs, site supervisions, technical assistance and maintenance of any kind of civil projects. We choose work where we can make a real difference, stretch our boundaries, and delight our clients so that we can achieve socially valuable outcome and thus enhance our diverse skills.

Our Vision

To broaden our array of services and become a full-service so that we may be able to help our clients solve their most complex challenges and improve our industry’s environment impact.

Core Business

Promex Consulting has vast project experience as a successful business entity and specializes in strategic project management, Asset & Infrastructure Management, Civil and Structural Design, scoping & investigation, engineering & land survey Services, geotechnical Ground investigations, tender Preparation & Contract Negotiation and construction management & monitoring services for our multiple clients primarily focusing on transport, infrastructure and water and waste water sectors.

Company Background

Promex Consulting has grown organically over the years and expanded to various civil engineering consulting disciplines, We have established a close working relationship with all the major players in the industry and have become one of the leading professionals in the provision of a wide variety of Civil consulting related services.


Our focus is on working in partnership with our clients and key stakeholders, as we have vast experience in the field of civil engineering & construction management we can offer assistance from the earliest stages of a project that is contract negotiation to initiating, executing, delivering, hand over and successful completion & closure of the contracts,

To enable us to deliver complex projects in whatever environmental and programme restrictions we use our own highly experienced staff who have the knowledge and commitment to deliver quality and timely projects whilst also ensuring a responsible approach to the environment, safety and quality.


Since the firms inception Promex Consulting has worked on wide Range of projects including: roads both sealed and unsealed, low level crossings, subdivision & land development and water supply. We have wide range of client base both in public and private sector engaged in various civil engineering designs,  contract management of projects and construction monitoring on the contract as a whole


Our time and quality of delivery in terms of providing professional engineering services to our clients is of utmost importance and we strive continuously in devising of methods, up skilling & upgrading of staff and investment in resources so that we achieve excellence as progressing project by project.

Firm Business Strategy

We have worked as professional development partners to the industry delivering projects to valued clients in a co-operative and collaborative manner. Our focus and concentration has always been on finding solutions and anticipating problems, all our staff, from management to field staff, are trained with this mindset.

We are widely respected within the industry as being at the forefront in quality of work and timely delivery. Retaining the same staff helps us anticipate the needs of the industry on a contract by contract basis.

The company has invested significantly in this sector since its inception in areas such as human resources, technology and innovation. We have been pushing to further develop solutions and innovation in the civil engineering sector for our clients and have always been successful at finding the cost effective solutions for our Clients by ingenuity and value engineering. This has been matched by the timely delivery of complex projects for all Clients.

We take great pride in the knowledge that we have always met our Clients requirements and expectations. Where difficulties were encountered we approached them in a structured collaborative manner. In order to meet demand and our client’s needs we have scaled up and positioned our business in terms of investment in new technologies and resources to meet the challenges in a competitive sector. This obviously is a constantly evolving industry and the planning and environmental constraints are being emphasized more as each new project arrives, we have the commitment and ability to rise to this challenge and constantly examine new methodologies to meet these needs to help to promote the image of the industry with both the regulatory authorities and the public at large.