Geotechnical engineering is a fundamental component of all civil engineering projects and requires the provision of safe, reliable and cost effective solutions for ground-relief related infrastructure. Alongside our primary role as a ground consultant contractor, Promex Consulting Limited provides geotechnicasl interpretation and advice based on collected collateral information from investigators.

We focus on your needs and understand the requirement for complete geotechnical solutions through the investigation, analysis and design of your project. We have a team of suitably experienced geotechnical professionals engineers that have the skills and experience required for all types of development, including residential, industrial and commercial. Promex Limited, studies classifies and designs solutions for geotechnical related pathologies, raging from:

  • shallow foundation design
  • assessments of piles
  • requirement and feasibility of ground improvement solutions
  • infiltration drainage systems
  • pavements and earthworks
  • formation inspections.

Our highly skilled staff ensures an integral service to our clients, both public and private, providing geotechnical solutions as well as fully detailed analysis.



The Design-Build (DB) is a project delivery system used to deliver a project in which design and construction services are contracted by a single entity. This method overcomes the classic adversarial relationship between the design and contractor.

Promex Limited has developed a strong and effective design-build business model, in which the contribution of designers come from their knowledge and experience in design and construction.

Promex Consultants have a unique and extensive background with design-build projects. Our understanding of construction methods, permitting, scheduling, and budgeting allows to design projects, while reducing cost and schedules.

From preliminary or structural designs for buildings and any other structures, Promex Limited can serve as an engineering consultant on almost every type of building project such as domestic housing, schools, hotels, sport centres, offices, factories, hospitals and even health centres.



Promex Limited offers complete program management services to public and private owners. The engineering project management team here at Promex Consultants are highly responsive, flexible and experienced in managing your engineering project all according to the request of the client. It is the practice taking into place here at Promex, where we initiate, plan, execute, control and conclude the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time within your budget and cost requirements.

Modern Project Management involves effective preparation, planning, analysis of risk aspects and risk management, procurement, execution, project control,contract management, completion and commissioning while Effective Project Management ensures a comprehensive overview at all stages of preparation and execution and makes it more likely that individual project components and the project as whole remains within the defined time and cost frame.

We know you need someone you can rely on when taking your infrastructure program or complex project from vision to completion and Promex Consultants will take the time to understand your requirements and mobilise the best talent in the industry to meet your needs.



Promex Limited offers all traditional land surveying services such as triangulation, gird surveying, deformation surveying, and supervision surveying in connection with buildings, road construction, tunnels, harbours, and other related projects. Land surveying is an integral part of most civil engineering projects and Promex employs professional land surveyors and building professions who have worked on public and private projects both large and small. It is carried out in a detailed study or inspection and all of Promex’s surveyors are all trained to use the most up-to-date equipment including theodolite, measuring tape, total station, 3D scanners, GPS/GNSS, level and rod.

Some of the services we include are:

  • Construction Survey
  • Topographical Survey
  • Geodetic Survey
  • Dimensional Survey
  • Boundary Survey
  • Engineering Survey
  • Foundation Survey
  • As-built Survey
  • Plot Plan or Site Plan
  • Subdivision Plan
  • Deformation Survey



We collect information on infrastructure assets, we gather and validate inventory, condition and special data for almost any type of infrastructure. We undertake surveys and inspections (safety, maintenance and condition) to locate asset’s and understand their attributes and performance.

At Promex Consultants, we work with our clients to turn their asset information into knowledge, this includes the development of engineers designs, development applications, asset management plans, asset valuations, work programs, management strategies and policies.

For those who are new to the infrastructure industry, or simply looking to improve their understanding and practices, we provide a range of mentoring solutions and hence work closely with clients to help them visualise their required outcomes or service delivery needs and thus through mentoring we enable improvements to their infrastructure management practices.

In today’s era, managing large information data sets and producing useful knowledge outcomes, we provide guidance to clients on all areas, from software procurement up through to bureau software management solutions and also provide our own range of software tools to help asset managers create optimal decisions.



Tender preparation process is becoming increasingly complex, frequently requiring numerous attachments, the use of graphics and pictures and using special layouts and formatting. It is becoming more demanding on bidders for both their time and expertise.

Here at Promex Consultants, we advise qualified contractors to submit sealed bids for process of construction or for supply of specific and clearly defined goods and services during a specified timeframe.

Tenders are designed to ensure that the work is to be done for the client or government in a fair given way. Another service is, Contract Negotiation where by the process of discussion between the parties to a contract to finalise the terms of the contract which include parties such as construction contracts, such as clients, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

Here at Promex, a contract is well-drafted, responsive to changing circumstances and fair to both parties and most likely to be sustainable and mutually beneficial to both parties.



RAMM allows you to describe your road network both linearly and geospatially. Each road can be divided into any number of sections. Normally this would be from intersection to intersection or based on factors such as width and traffic volumes. Long highways can be split by reference stations and established route positions. This enables a third level of segmentation.

Our RAMM Operator allows you to import data into RAMM, export data from RAMM, query and report with SQL, map assets, use the Bylaw registry for speed zones and parking, use the Treatment Selection Algorithm.

You can even see a 3D representation of your pavements.



The Quality Assurance Surveillance Management is a government plan that’s implemented and defines what the government will do to ensure that contractors or sub-contractors performances meets contract requirements as to per discussed.

It is an ongoing monitoring and verification of the status of conditions, methods, procedures, products and analysis of associated records to ensure that that established requirements are being complied with.

At Promex, we can assure you to trust this management plan as it is a process document developed by the government and is applied to Performance-Based Service Contracting PBSC.



A subdivision is a parcel of land divided from a larger area. At Promex, one of the services we provide is to split a large tract of land into smaller ones that are easier to develop and can be developed independently of one another to increase growth and maximize the use of space. This also speeds up the zoning process and selling off of the land, resulting in a fully completed area, though one that is divided into various smaller areas. We provide visioning, concept, design development and planning services for Land Subdivision and Development projects. We fully provide these services independently in depth and magnitude; or with professionals preferred by the owner or developer.